The Lowest Price Guarantee from provides you with the possibility to obtain the same price that our online competitors offer on your purchase of four (4) tires!


How to obtain a price match?

  1. Contact our customer services at 1-844-778-2887 and mention that you had an offer or saw a lower price somewhere else. 
  2. Our team will validate the information* based on the conditions and exclusions and will offer you our best price.
  3. If the claim is approved and the price is right for you, you will be able to proceed with the purchase with our representative and we’ll add an additional 15.00$ discount*.

*The provided information must follow the policy conditions and exclusions and an online proof of a lower price must be provided. The promotion is available for a limited time only.


What are the Eligibility Requirements?

You must be able to provide a price proof to us, for example, a link where you saw the less expensive tire or a photo or scan to a valid quotation you received for a set of 4 tires with taxes and shipping, if applicable. 

  • We will then be able to confirm the price of the set, product code, specifications, availabilities of the tires and applicable fees. 
  • The tires must be the same, thus they must have the same SKU or product code, same dimension, same specifications (Weight and speed ratings) and must be brand new. 
  • We will not account for any installation fees.

The lowest price guarantee only applies to the total with taxes and shipping of a set of 4 eligible tires, we will match the final price of the competitor and we’ll add an additional 15.00$ discount*


Conditions and exclusions

  • All requests without any online price proof will be automatically declined
  • Requests made for single tires or any other quantities than a set of four (4) will not be accepted
  • Any price errors from the competitors will not be eligible
  • Prices offered on a distributor, governmental, commercial accounts
  • Grouped purchases or special prices for group buys are not eligible
  • Products that are not-available or in clearance
  • Products in promotion or in limited 
  • Any used or surplus tires
  • Any price differences related to mail-in-rebates or manufacturer offers
  • Any special offer from the retailer, including but not limited to, rebates, coupon codes, gift cards or any other similar promotions
  • Some products are not eligible to the Lowest Price guarantee*

*Quattro Tires reserves the right to accept or refuse any price match requests on a case-to-case basis and to end the promotion at any time.