Quattro Tires.com specializes in online tire sales, that's allowing us to have a wider selection of products at lower prices than conventional garages. When you order tires from us, you can get them deliver directly at your local garage or at one of our affiliated garage to get your installation appointement. In the shipping information section in your "Cart", you can select the option to ship your tires to a Quattro Tires affiliated garage. If you choose to get your tires installed in one of our affiliated garage, please wait for our delivery's call before taking an appointement at the garage.

**Please note, your affiliated garage are not a pick up or a storage location.**

Since we specialize in online tire sales, not only we have a largger variety but also a higher volume through our manufacturers and suppliers, allowing us to have lower prices. We constantly working with the delivery companies to offer you the lowest shipping costs possible. In fact, even with the shipping costs and the installation rate at your local garage, you still save money by ordering with us.

Order placed with us will generally be processed and shipped in a delays of three (3) to seven (7) business days. We always contact the customer to schedule their delivery and advise them on which date they should receive their order. It's important to have the right phone number and email address on the order, so we can contact you as soon as your order is ready to be ship and to avoid extra delays.

Our website is made to be simple and easy to use: You can get an instant quote by adding the desired tire and quantity to your cart and typing the postal code of the shipping address. The system will then automatically calculate your shipping fees, applicable taxes and show you the total amount for your order.

*Note that this does not reserve the tires until you pay and place the order.

A few shipping areas are more expensive than others due to the fact that they are further from urban areas and less accessible for the delivery compagny. If your shipping postal code is not recognized, you must contact us and we will establish if it's possible to ship in your area and give you the right shipping costs.

Although shipping costs are always at the lowest price due to the fact that we absorb a large sum of these costs; orders of a single tire will be subject to a slight surcharge.

Quattrotires.com gives you access to a variety of tools on our homepage, to help you find the right size and interpret the information on your tires. The most essential information would be the tire size (Ex: 195/65/R15), this insure you that the product you want will be the proper one and will fit on your vehicle. You can find this information on your vehicle : Either by looking at the current tires or at the vehicle certification label usually located in your driver’s door. We strongly recommended you to confirm the tire size before placing your order.

One of the common mistake is to to order the wrong size of tires or rims according to the season. It's possible that in the summer season you have a different size than in winter. Example, you could have summer tires in 205/55/R16, but in winter you need 195/65/R15. A second mistake would be to completety trust our tire guide without looking at the actual tire size on your vehicule first, so that why it's important to confirm by yourself which tire size you need before ordering. Also we strongly suggest you to certify the version of your vehicle, because it's not all models and versions that featured the same tire size and car specifications.

When you purchase a set of four eligible tires, you can applied for a mail-in rebate of the manufacturer. You must filed correctly the offical claim form and be aware of is terms and conditions related to it. Please notice that Quattro Tires cannot be part of the procedure for your claim, you have to contact directly the manufacturer. Don't forget to mail your claim at the address mention in your request form. 

*All mail-in rebate are listed in the ''Promotions'' section on our homepage. 

**Quattro Tires can't be hold responsable of any disclaim requests, at anytimes. 

Quattro Tires.com offers several ways to search the right type of tire for the right driving style. The first and easiest way to search is by size, by entering the tread width, the profile and the diameter of the tires needed on our homepage. You can also search using the tire guide* (You have to make sure to confirm that the size proposed by the guide is indeed the size required for your vehicle before ordering), by selecting "By Vehicle" and entering in your vehicle model, option and year. You can also shop for trailer tires if needed !

All the tires in the “Winter” category on our website meet all criterias for winter driving. Most of those winter tires feature the “Three-peak mountain with snowflake” pictogram on the sidewalls which indicate that these tires respect the requirement for winter driving.

Since December 15th of 2014, all vehicles in the province of Quebec have to be equipped with winter tires bearing the "Three-peak Mountain with the Snowflake" symbol from December 15th up to March 15th. This includes Taxi and passenger vehicles, including scooters, motorcycles and rental cars.

*Note that tires with studs have to respect the use of non-skid devices, which means that you can use studded tires from October 15th up to May 1st in Québec.

** Note some cities and provinces does not allow studs to be used on their road network.

Quattro Tires has a wide selection of steel rims. It's possible for customers to purchase a set of four tires pre-mounted and balanced on the rims. You can proceed through the online wheel system or over the phone with one of our sales representative; allowing us to get you the better price and the right hub centric rim specially made for your vehicle. You would receive your set of pre-mounted tires directly at your door, ready to be put on your vehicule. 

When you buy tires from your local garage, you normally have to do it in several visits. Generally, you will go to your garage, do a quote for different prices and models, check if you can have a better price at an another garage. Then order your tires, make a deposit/pay full price and still have to come back later on the get the tires installed. By ordering with us, you simply navigate through our vast online inventory, compare prices, place your order directly on our website (24/7) or by the phone (8am-5pm, ET) and later receive your tires right at your door or even at your garage. All that without leaving the comfort of your home! The only move you will have to do, will be to get the tires installed on your vehicle.

Although it's the customer’s responsibility to order the right size for their vehicle, however if you receive an inaccurate product at the delivery, please call back us as soon as possible. If the mistake is from our part, we will exchange and ship the right product with no additional fees.

Most of our delivery are between 8am to 5pm, monday to friday, if nobody is available to accept the tires delivery, Quattro Tires.com offer you the option to give the delivery company an authorization to leave the tires at a safe location (in backyard, side of the garage). When we schedule the delivery with the customer over the phone, we always asked if you have a safe location where we can leave the tires at, if not, we suggest you to change your shipping address to your work place, friend or family house. If you place your order online, you can indicate a safe location in the "Shipping notes or comments" section. It's crucial that the given location is secure, as Quattro Tires cannot be held responsible for any stolen tires. 

*Note, we can not ship tire at a P.O. Box, we need a civic address.*

Before placing your order, it’s crucial to verify the right tire size for your vehicle. If you made a mistake, it's always possible to exchange your tires, given that they were never installed, but to do so, there would be additional handling and shipping fees.

All your personal informations are entirely secured by PayPal. PayPal uses state of the art technologies and data encryption coding to assure the safety of your informations and therefore your transaction. 

Quattrotires.com never has access to your banking information such as credit card numbers. Personnal information such as : name, first name, civic address, phone number and email are only use for administrative purposes and in order to complete the transaction and the shipping process. Under no circumstances this information will be revealed and/or sold, rented or exchanged to a third party. Our website uses cookies to retain your preferences, saved carts and helps you navigate and increase your experience on Quattrotires.com. However, customer can accept or reject, to their discretion, some of the cookies.

All tires have indicators between the tread to know when the tires needs to be changed. When the tread on the tires is worn down to those indicators or when the depth of the thread is only 4/32 of an inch, you should start thinking of replacing your tires. If your vehicle alignment is overdue and your tires are used more on one side than the other, we strongly suggest you to replace your tires and if possible, repair your vehicle to prevent this kind of wear with your new tires.
*Note it's illegal and dangerous to drive with tires that have a tread less than 2/32 inch left.

All our prices are in Canadian dollars, we are a proud Canadian company and we only ship orders in Canada. 

You can now visit and shop at our new store, located in St-Jerome! Online orders are delivered across Canada, we can ship your tires order at the shipping address of your choice.

**Please note that your selected affiliated garage is not a pick up location, rather a service point to have your new tires installed.**