Changing tire size

When considering changing wheel and tire sizes, it is important to maintain a diameter that is as close as possible to the original so that the gearing of the drive train is not adversely impacted. Using a non-equivalent tire size may cause premature damage to your drive train as well as cause damage to your vehicle's body.

Entering your current tire size in the calculator below will allow you to see all the equivalent sizes. If the percentage difference of the diameter is more than 2% or less than 3% we would not recommend this change.In some case, an equivalent size may be too wide for your current wheels, you must also make sure that the tire size is compatible with your wheels.

Please note that the choices are only suggestions and may not be the best options for your vehicle. Quattro tire is not responsible for any incompatibilities due to vehicle modifications.

To buy your new tires online simply enter the current tire size into the search tool below and select the best tire for your needs.

Stock tire size