Even though Quattro Tires Inc. is never, in any circumstances, in procession of your banking information such as account numbers and credit card numbers, we still must collect certain personal information such as; name, first name, addresses, postal code and telephone numbers for administrative purposes and in order to complete the transaction and the delivery process. Under no circumstances this information will be revealed and/or sold, rented or exchanged to a third party.

This information can and may be transferred in the situation of a fusion, merger or a restructuring of the company and finally in the event of a sale of shares or a change of control among the organisation. The primary goal of the gathering of this information is to offer a personalised experience that is efficient, easy and secure. In this case any information can be used to offer a personalised service that is expected from our customers, to handle your transactions and send you notices on them, to perceive expenses and resolve problems, to prevent and stop potential fraudulent and illegal activities, to personalise, evaluate and to improve our services as well as the contents and presentation of the website www.quattrotires.com and finally to send you promotional offers, and updates of our services according to your communicational preferences. Quattro Tires Inc. reserves the right to use certain cookies as many other transactional websites to provide a better browsing experience.

The collection of information is only for informational purposes and is used to analyse the user’s tendencies and preferences. Therefore this information allows us to better understand the customer’s navigational needs and habits such as the most visited pages, cart content or the time spent on the website www.quattrotires.com for example. The customer is however capable of accepting or rejecting to their discretion some of the cookies.

Quattro Tires Inc. is committed to have accurate information on its website, however in the case of a typographical error from our part or from a supplier concerning the price, availability or description of a model; Quattro tires Inc. reserves the right to withhold or refuse any transaction whether it be confirmed or not. In this case, if the payment has already been accepted, Quattro tires Inc. will cancel the order and credit the exact amount on the customer’s credit card or used payment method. Quattro Tires Inc. is not responsible for any mistakes concerning the description of a brand or model of tire or concerning any availability on the website. Quattro tires Inc. cannot be held responsible for any typographical error on the website.

All browsing and search done on the website www.quattrotires.com is done at the internet user’s risk and discretion. All risks associated with navigating on internet, starting from the website www.quattrotires.com is assumed by the internet user. Quattro Tire Inc. cannot assume responsibility for the risks of damages or loss involved in browsing in the different sections and pages of the website www.quattrotires.com. Whether the damage being to the computer itself or to the electronic hardware, mental or physical. All search engines found on this website are strictly for informational purposes. It is also the customer’s responsibility to make sure the information transmitted to Quattro Tires Inc. is correct and truthful. The company Quattro Tires Inc. assumes no responsibility towards mistakes done by the internet user whether they concern the merchandise purchased or the billing and shipping information such as (address, postal code, telephone numbers etc…). It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the merchandise ordered is compatible with the vehicle it is destined for. If a mistake has been made from the customer concerning the model, the tread width, the profile, the diameter of one or several tires; the company Quattro Tires Inc. can exchange the tires within 30 days if the order complies with the return policy, fees may apply.

The company Quattro Tires uses multiple methods in order to secure all information that is transmitted to our company. We insure the safety of any transaction by using the methods recognize and offered by the company PayPal. www.quattrotires.com offers all the standard regulation that are guaranteed by this company. PayPal stores and handles your personal information with sophisticated state of the art computers in the U.S and protects your information with physical protection, electronic protection and any other protection and safety procedures according to the current laws. PayPal secures your information by using firewalls and data encoding. Further more PayPal controls the access to its buildings and its files and only authorizes access to limited personal. Quattro Tires uses other methods to prevent frauds by choosing and dealing with some of the biggest suppliers on the market. Quattro Tires reserves the right to cancel any transaction or restrain orders and/or quantities without further notice. Any transaction or order considered fraudulent is liable to be refused by the employees of Quattro Tires without any further notice or justification. In this case the customer will be informed by email.

Quattro Tires Inc. guarantees the security of your transactions by using PayPal transactional services. When you confirm your transaction, any personal information provided is secured by being processed directly by PayPal. The result of this system, industry leading security with all transaction processing secured by 128-bit SSL encryption, plus our system meets industry standards of the major card associations, including SAS, PCI and SDP. Throughout all transactions, Quattro Tires Inc. is never in procession of your personal information such as the credit card numbers and does not have access to this information which is transmitted and processed by PayPal automatically.

www.quattrotires.com is a protected website owned by Quattro Tires Inc. and all content and information which can be found on the website is legally owned by Quattro Tires Inc. It is absolutely illegal to change or to attempt to change any information found on this website. All graphic, textual and intellectual information is provided to our customers by the company Quattro Tires Inc.as long as they respect the integrity of the company and use this information in a responsible manner. Quattro Tires Inc. and its commercial logos are protected by copyrights and trademarks. All slogans, logos and information are transmitted to you for personal use only. Any type whatsoever of commercial use is strictly prohibited. All modifications of this website are strictly illegal without any written contentment from owners and/or managers of the company Quattro Tires Inc.


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