Posted on October 17, 2016

Kuhmo road venture at51

In autumn 2015, Kumho will launch the Road Venture AT51; a new winter approved four season tire bearing the mountain and snowflake symbol.

All-Terrain tire

The Road Venture AT51 from Kumho is an all-terrain tire that combines great stability on rough terrains with an exceptional off-road experience. Its design and the cutting-edge materials used into making the AT51 provides a comfortable and durable drive even in the harshest conditions, either it be off the road or on the roads of today.

Incomparable advantages

The features list is long for this new tire from Kumho. What makes this tire really interesting is, without a doubt, its superior durability (UTQG of 540 A-A). It uses Escot Technology, exclusive to Kumho, for a longer treadwear. The reinforced shoulders of the AT51 repel rocks which contribute at protecting the tire from eventual puncture.

The Road Venture AT51 feature a dual pitch center block which helps the tire at cleaning itself while rolling, which provides a better traction in the mud and snow. This improved traction translates to an exceptional performance on off-road trails.