Posted on August 22, 2015


Journalists from all over the world recently gathered in Sweden to test Pirelli’s latest winter tire: the Ice Zero FR.

A series of tests

In order to evaluate the Italian manufacturer’s new studless tire, the technicians from Pirelli’s Lulea testing centre decided to subject the Ice Zero FR to driving conditions such as wet and dry paved roads, loose and hard packed snow, and a frozen lake. The results showed that the Ice Zero FR allows an outstanding stability, shorter braking distances and skid-free, fast slaloms.

An advanced design

The Ice Zero FR is a crossover between a modernized version of the high end P Zero and Pirelli’s latest technologies. A better grip on icy roads was made possible by the addition of ice-gripping sipes, while the improved tread pattern allows a better water evacuation and reduces the risk of aquaplaning. In addition, the compound used for this tire is softer, which increases the resistance and durability of the Ice Zero FR.

Ideal for you

In short, Pirelli’s new winter tire provides unmatched stability and control to midsize car, luxury sedan and SUV owners, as well as a superior driving comfort in the harshest winter conditions. The Ice Zero FR should be available just on time for the 2015-2016 cold season in Canada.