Posted on July 22, 2014


The South Korean conglomerate Kumho has now launched its new product on the Quebec market! The Solus HA31 is an all-season tire that will help you combat cold winters with ease, as you probably have noticed with the mountain snowflake pictograph, it has been approved for winter conditions.

With the latest technology from Kumho, the Solus HA31 has more efficient lateral grooves for a faster evacuation of water, as well as 3D sipes for better traction in winter conditions. It also uses the patented technology S-SBR for an enhanced wet and snow traction as well increased braking performance.

A fierce competitor

Available in 46 dimensions between 13″ and 17″ and speed ratings T, H and V, the Solus HA31 fits a broad range of vehicles, making it a forceful competitor to Nokian Nordman’s tires. Kumho, the world’s fifth-largest tire manufacturer, is eager to prove that with its HA31, it is now a world leader in the tire industry.

This tire aims directly at Canadians who are looking for performance and safety. Kumho’s Solus HA31 will save you time and money!