Posted on September 14, 2021

As you probably know, since the beginning of winter 2019, the mandatory installation date for winter tires was advanced to December 1st of each year within the province of Quebec. The province decided it was best to do so due to frequent early snowfall and freezing temperatures.

Since December 15th 2014, the province of Quebec established a performance threshold for all tires meant for winter use. The tire must be able to pass the winter test created by the province in order to be considered “winter approved”. The models having passed the tests are granted the winter approved sealed that must be indicated on their sidewalls.

The tires rated as M+S, All-Weater or All-Season are just not performant enough to pass the severe winter conditions tests and are not approved for use in Quebec. Those that are will be indicated as Winter tires or 4 Seasons Winter Approved on our website.
In other provinces, while we highly recommend winter tires to be used during winter, the "3PSMF" pictogram rated tires are not mandatory. 

Sanction against the offenders in Quebec

The offender exposes himself to a fine ranging for 200$ to 300$. It is important to adapt your driving to the weather conditions in order to keep your family safe and those of others.


Restocking challenges faced by the tire industry

Following the strong disturbance caused by the situation surrounding Covid-19, supply chains from multiple sectors suffered from lengthy delays and scarcity therefore creating a gap in restocking dates as well as reducing product availability. We strongly recommend our customers to proceed with their purchases as soon as possible to ensure that they can get their winter tire of choices for their vehicles, on time for the upcomming cold season. 

For the best winter tires and wheels selection and availability, we strongly recommend to promptly acquire your winter set in order to avoid falling prey to the inevitable restocking delays and backorders. To rapidly secure your winter tires and wheels, please visit to place an online order.