Posted on April 15, 2022

What are the wheel casting processes?

The different manufacturing processes for alloy wheels.


Each of the wheels available at Quattro Tires are designed using an alloy composed of mainly aluminum.  On our website, you will find wheels produced using gravitational casting as well as a much more sophisticated method known as Flow Forming. In order to help you select the best option for your vehicle, we will discuss with you the different processes used to produce the alloy wheels offered to you by Quattro Tires.


Firstly, the gravitational casting method is by far the most popular and affordable throughout the industry. The wheels formed using this method are shaped by casting a high quality aluminum alloy directly into a precise mold of the desired design. Offering an excellent quality for a reasonable price, the wheels deriving from gravitational casting will allow you to ride in style regardless of your budget or vehicle!


The second type of wheels available on our website are called Flow Formed. Much more refined, Flow Formed wheels are fabricated using a very high quality aluminum alloy casted into a mold. Unlike gravitational casting, this mold does not represent the finish product but is rather a bulkier version of the desired design. To reach its final appearance, the unfinished wheel must be heated up to extreme temperatures and placed into a specialise machine which will rapidly rotate the wheel and using an array of tools, stretch it until it reaches its final design. As a result, Flow Formed wheels are more robust and even lighter than their counterparts, the gravitationally casted wheels. Flow Formed wheels are most coveted by motorsports enthusiast who wish to maximise their vehicles performances as much as possible.


Having access to several manufacturers, Quattro Tires manages to offer you a wide selection of alloy wheels from multiple quality tiers. That being said, the majority of drivers shouldn’t worry about the manufacturing techniques used for the construction of their wheels. So unless you are planning to visit a race circuit with your Porsche 911, we would recommend selecting the wheel that catches your eye the most!


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