Posted on April 15, 2022

When should I change my tires?

When to change your tires at spring

With spring being right at our door and temperatures slowly increasing every days that goes by can make us Canadians ask ourselves ; Is it the time to change my winter tires for my summer tires ?


So when should I change my tires?

First and foremost; It depends on your location! The answer will not be the same for Toronto when compared to Sudbury. Instead, you should rely on the weather forecast and your thermometer. Quattro tires recommends that you wait until the average outdoor temperature gets to 7* Celsius. This temperature is where summer tire compounds will have their grip and with days getting warmer and warmer, it will only get better and safer for you.  

We invite our customers to check the weather forecast in their cities in advance, to accommodate the tire delivery time & the garage appointment.


We’re often asked; Can I keep my winter tires during summer time ?

In short no, it is not recommended. Winter tires will become softer as the temperature rise and often have way softer sidewalls. Winter tires will lose effectiveness the warmer it gets and often, braking distance and steering response will be negatively impacted. Winter tires are not designed to withstand high temperatures, and since they are softer, the rolling resistance will be heavily increased. This will both lead to an increase in wear but also, may come with risks of blowout due to heat.

A good Summer or All-Season tire will offer you a much better comfort, performance, handling and wear.

There is a reason that manufacturers will make Summer only (High performance), All Season (M+S), All weather (3PMSF) and Winter tires. The only severe winter conditions rated tires that can be safely driven during the warmer months are the All-Weather tires as they were designed to be used below and above 7* Celsius.